Tropical Expat has moved to Tropical I have moved the blog and now pay for web hosting so I could have more control. At the same time I gave the blog a new look. And a few more features, like auto-translation.  The old blog remains. That is, this blog. And it contains the bulk of older blogs. This is because I could not successfully migrate all the blogs to the new site. Some blogs are just as relevant now as when I wrote them. On the new site I have updated some blogs, and am in the process of updating more.

Crazily hazy Penang this week

We’ve had a Crazily hazy Penang this week. Currently it’s Friday. Wednesday morning the air smelled like it was on fire. Later it rained, which cleared the air a bit. Yesterday it rained early in the morning and the haze wasn’t as bad. And this morning it’s still hazy. I am unwilling to go outside any more today.

In fact, as I write this just before lunch, the air is hazy looking just a couple of hundred metres into the distance. I do wonder how much this haze is contributing to the cooling that happens every year at this time. I’m currently researching global cooling at the moment – I’ll write something about it here when I am ready.

Crazily hazy Penang



Digital detoxing

I continue with my digital detox. For want of a better word. By digital detox I mean:

  • Minimise exposure to EMF –
  • Turn on Wifi only when I really need to and turn it off as soon as possible
  • Use 4G on my phone as little as possible – otherwise have it on airplane mode or at worst, just to receive calls and texts
  • Work towards dumping my smartphone in the future
  • Try to stay away from WiFi – very difficult as it is everywhere (we once thought that was good)
  • Use my computer – which uses a wired connection – in preference to any wireless connection devices
  • Replace Bluetooth keyboard with a wired one – my mouse was already a wired one
  • Buy blue light blocking glasses to wear when using the PC and other devices
  • Turn off electricity as much as possible at night in the bedroom
  • Gradually move from using the services of large corporations to smaller ones that do not collect my data – often meaning paying for the services.
  • Keep location service off on my phone except when I am using it – last month I turned it on only for Grab – so my monthly report from Google as to my movements was almost blank. Progress!
  • Use social media rarely – I achieved that over a year ago, anyway
  • Try to spend more time in nature without my smartphone.
  • Find out what the governments here are planning to do with regards to 5G
  • Avoid airport full body scanners – so far so good
  • Learn more about 5G and how to shield myself from the damage of EMF

Penang matters on Merdeka Day weekend

Before I get on to Penang matters this week, I want to mention – the 5G Summit has a little time left. you can still catch some free. And next weekend all videos will be available free for 48 hours.

And as I mentioned last time, I replaced my Bluetooth keyboard with a USB one. Almost immediately my hand felt more flexible – less stiff. My imagination, perhaps. Perhaps not.

Merdeka Day

It’s the Merdeka Day long weekend. the national day of Malaysia.

Penang matters - Merdeka Day flags


Adventures with papaya

Recently I am successfully papaya-ing. Papaya grows happily in the sky – it’s not one of those plants that will only grow in the ground and at ground level. I have to pick the fruit before it’s ripe or the musang will get it – and move with their family into my roof near the nice food supply.


So papaya-ing is growing papaya, picking and drying the leaves for tea, picking the papaya fruit and either I can keep them until they ripen, or shred them to make green papaya salad.

Interestingly, when I shred the green papaya it detoxes me. It clears out my sinuses etc. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s good. The effects last about two hours.