It’s foggy in Penang today

It all starts with a note in the letterbox in the morning.

notice from MPPP

A neighbour kindly translates.  The local council will carry out one of its periodical “fogging” operations.  They will come sometime today and spray vast amounts of insecticide to kill mosquitoes, and thus hopefully reduce or eliminate malaria and dengue fever.

The first thing you hear is some strange sound.  Like a deep roaring annoying engine.  And you go and look outside to see an encroaching fog.

the fog comes

The smell is not too bad – but you imagine that it’s toxic, so you race around and close all the windows.

Dengue busters

They will come in and spray your garden, too.

Take that, mosquitoes

Despite closing the windows the spray seeps in.

visibility reduces

and they disappear into the fog

zero visibility

N.B. I like to wash the plants down a while later, as I think they don’t really like the spray.


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