Past Life Regression

In Penang it is easier to be spiritual.  There are temples, shrines and mosques everywhere.  This post is about Past Life Regression, which I discovered a year and a half ago.

Past Life Regression can solve the two big problems in life – the meaning of life and fear of death. It can also help with health problems and personal problems, and one three hour past life regression session is an alternative to months of counselling sessions or years of psychotherapy.

A session follows this format.  First the client talks about themselves and any problems they may have, physical or otherwise, and then any questions they may have about life are discussed.  After this the client is hynotised and an appropriate past life is explored.  Then the universal consciousness is requested to give answers and any necessary healing.  The client is gently brought out of hypnosis, and then the session is discussed, and a recording of the session given, as the client will not remember completely.  In preparation for the session the client brings a list of the aforementioned questions.

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that everyone experiences every day. There are four brain wave levels:

  • BETA – wide awake
  • ALPHA – first level of trance – this is usual hypnosis. One is in and out of this all the time.  Meditation and praying are Alpha. When watching TV one goes into Alpha for a few seconds.  Working in an office one must be in Alpha to block distractions.  And when driving too.
  • THETA – deepest possible level of trance. This is the level used in Past Life Regression. One goes into Theta at least twice a day – when waking up and when going to sleep. The same if one takes a nap.
  • DELTA – asleep

So, what regression therapy does is use hypnosis to learn about significant past lives that are causing a problem in this life for a person, and then having the unconscious mind understand and eliminate the bad effects, and having the unconscious heal the person.  It can heal almost anything except schizophrenia, and can’t so easily be used for children.  With the knowledge gained from the session, the person can make appropriate changes in their life.

The purpose of life is to experience – and while alive to help others.  You have perhaps 600 to 800 lives as a human on earth, until you have experienced all and have learnt what is necessary, and worked out the karma you have accumulated, and then you ascend, and no longer need to do this.   If you did not live a good life, then you will have more karma to work off in following lives.  Reincarnation is part of Buddhism and Hinduism, and was part of the doctrine of early Christianity, it is said, and in some groups it was still espoused a millennium later.

But, as in many therapies, it is not necessary to believe in it for it to be effective.

I have degrees in psychology (B.A. & M.A.) and experience with hypnosis, and find past life regression therapy faster, easier and more effective than traditional methods.  And once you’ve eliminated the two big problems, you feel so free.


  1. can you mail me the details ( name/ contact number) of who can help me do past life regression therapy – I live in penang.

  2. Hi,

    just discovered your blog today by chance when another blog I was reading had a link for your microwaved water plants experiment. And then I stayed and read many of your informative posts from past years. And among them I discovered this one about the past life regression (call it universe ;-))
    I am an expat myself living and working in KL for past 10 years. I heard and read about past life regression before would be interested to know if you have done it anywhere in Malaysia or was it overseas?
    Any tips welcome
    You can see also reach me at my email medapeta [at] gmail


    1. Hi Petr. I did the past life regression learning courses in Singapore, and practiced in Penang for a while. I found it quite draining, and stopped practicing. But my main aim was to experience and decide if reincarnation was reality, and this I did.

      I studied with Dolores Cannon, who has since passed away. But she started this academy: where you can find practitioners, courses and more information. Dolores also wrote many books, of which I’ve read some.

      I’ll happily answer any other questions.


      1. Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. I had a look at the site you have given me and out of 3 people I found in Malaysia, 1 lives in my KL neighborhood, interesting 🙂
        Would definitely love to learn more. I will dig in first into the website. Is there a private email you can be contacted at with questions? If so, you can email directly at medapeta [at] gmail
        Thank you!

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