Alternative Media this week

I found a post about the top ten media cover-ups, and apparently a film on  this is to be released soon.

The most interesting for me:

2. The ending of a 26,000 year cycle of the solar system.

3. Evils of vaccination

9. Free energy technology

From the article,

“BOTTOM LINE: The more that corporate media blatantly suppresses the truth, the more that people will go to the Internet for the truth. In one year, CNN has lost half of its viewers and the prostitute press is losing readers for the same reason.  Mass awakening to the problem/solution resolution is the divine destiny of Earth’s evolutions in this amazing year of 2012.”

Interesting thoughts or articles I noticed from the alternative media this week. I don’t endorse or dismiss the ideas – and in many cases I have been aware of these ideas for years, but perhaps there is additional information or there is something new.


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