Dim Sum at the Corner Club, Penang

The Corner Club is another Dim Sum restaurant whose quality has improved recently. If I want to eat Dim Sum early in the day, I usually choose Bali Hai (see  a previous post). But if I want to eat Dim Sum around lunchtime, I come to the Corner Club. It is located on Gurney drive just past the Evergreen Hotel, if you are driving towards Gurney Plaza.

It has parking, which costs RM3.  If you present your receipt when paying for your meal they will refund RM2.  Many people appear to park here, but eat elsewhere, too.

Corner Club

I have never found a reservation necessary, at least for two people.

Corner Club

Most items on the menu are usually available, but egg tarts are often finished before I get there.  So order them immediately if they are available.


These a photos of a few of the dishes we ate.

Chee chong fun

fried carrot cake

Stuffed bringal (eggplant)

yam dumpling

I think the total was around RM23, but then service charge and government tax were added, and it became RM27.55.

the bill


55, Persiaran Gurney

10250 Georgetown, Penang

Phone: 04-2282888

Business Hours:

7.00 am – 3.00pm

6.00 pm – 10.30 pm

Payment: Cash, Credit Card

Free Wi-Fi: No


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