Burmese & Thai New Year Songkran Water Festival in Penang 2012

Friday April 13th, the festival started. This one is in Lorong Burma, Pulau Tikus.

They bus people in


And it’s still early, so not yet crowded…

Lorong Burma

People are mostly celebrating at the Burmese Temple. My neighbour tells me that in past years both the Thai and Burmese celebrated on the same day, and then they got into fights with each other, and the police came.  So this year the Burmese celebrate on April 13th, and the Thais on the 14th in their temple across the road from the Burmese one.

Burmese Temple

They are selling beer already…

beer for sale everywhere

But it is still early, so people are polite, and don’t pour / throw water over you unless they ask first…

getting drenched

And they are selling food…


But there are still quiet havens…

you can stil find peace - at the moment

And a stage show…

stage show

stage show



It is quiet. More people are in the Burmese temple observing the new year, but in the Thai temple they appear to be setting up stalls.



    1. I was hoping to get back, but couldn’t until 5PM when it was all over. But I think the Thai temple shoud be celebrating tomorrow, so I hope to get there then.

      I am always on the lookout for Penang bloggers, as there is a lot to learn.

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