Eating is pretty good in Penang.  Although there has been quite noticeable inflation over the past years, eating out is still affordable, and the supermarket and wet market bills not too high.  So, it is easy to put on weight.

Two or three times a year I do a water fast for two weeks or so, in order to detox and lose weight. Apparently this is good for longevity, too. I have been doing this for about three years, and simply looked online for hints before starting. Most sites say you should consult your doctor.  I am healthy, have no known conditions, nor a doctor – so I just started.

The first fast was really hard, but it became easier the more I did it.  The general idea is to drink just water, but sometimes I have coffee – which is helpful in suppressing my appetite, or some vegetable or fruit juice – made using a juicer, not bought from a supermarket. So a cup of coffee or a juice every couple of days.

I don’t just lie in bed; I generally just try to carry on with life as normal. I don’t work, so I can do this, but it would be too difficult if I did.  Sometimes my energy level becomes too low to function, and a need a couple of teaspoons of honey, or a boiled lolly.  It’s a good idea to have something with me when I go out just in case. Weight loss is about 1KG every two days; stomach size reduction about 1cm every two days.

Part of my routine is exercise, and so I continue with this, too. The days I exercise, paradoxically, I seem to have more energy than other days.

It is easy to tell when one’s body is detoxifying by, er, sorry to be indelicate, one’s odour. For me this stops after about a week or 10 days.

Every day I keep a log so I can see how weight loss and stomach size decrease is progressing, and look back on previous fasts to compare.  It can be discouraging when my stomach size just stays the same for four days without dropping, but a check on previous fasts show it not to be uncommon.

I make the log in a spreadsheet with the following headings:

day no.    date   stomach    Kgs            notes

There is a kind of juice fast called juicefeasting, where one just drinks juice, but I found I didn’t lose any weight on its regime.

However, on my most recent fast I did have a couple of vegetable juices on some days, and cheat a little by eating three (cashew) nuts  occasionally, when I was feeling hungry.  This fast was easy, and I always had energy, and my weight loss was 6KG – not too bad; but stomach size only decreased by 3.5cm.

Whether a diet works or not seems to depend on individual differences, and also the time in a person’s life.  I suspect fasting is more reliable than most methods, but then harder, too.  For me it works, and regular detoxing has got to be a good thing, too.


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