Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – quick update in early May

It’s the rainy season now, and cooler, too.

In March Passion fruit were flowering, then flowers closed and stayed, and finally dropped off – but in April no flowers. Passion fruit were flowering again in late April, and one or two  grew into fruit but dropped off when very small. The vines themselves are still growing at a reasonable rate.

The cherry tomatoes seem to be happier in April, but still the yield is very small.

The cabbages are growing slowly, and hearts are starting to form on some, but the best one was attacked in the heart by a bird it seems, so I had to put netting over to protect them.  Now I am afraid the best cabbage will become infected or attacked by something else.

As previously mentioned I grow mung beans with passion fruit as a companion plant.  Then I harvest the mung beans – some to replant, and some I sprout and eat.  Now birds have discovered them and eat them, leaving the empty pods on the plants.  I don’t think the birds are really doing anything useful in the garden – perhaps eating bugs, but I can’t tell. So I need more netting to protect the mung beans, and maybe I should buy a hanging cat face from Daiso to scare the birds away.

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