Perth is just five hours from KL – the big chainsaw – day 2

KL is about the same distance from Perth as Sydney. Australia is big. So when I drove about 1,200 km around the southwestern corner of Western Australia I hardly made a dent in it.

I arrived in Perth very early

As for the giant chainsaw – if you take a particular road from Perth airport you pass a giant Stihl one. There is also a giant bulldog at a Mack truck dealer in the vicinity.

It’s supposed to be a 3.5 hour drive down to Margaret River, but we stopped off for coffee a few times.

very long pier

And on and off it was rainy and sunny. After Freemantle we proceeded along the coast road, and a lot of the coast is being developed – and named Floridanianly (if one can invent such an adverb.) There’s Florida, Miami, etc. etc.

At Margaret River we parked in the main street – and noticed that not only was parking free, but there were no signs at all – you can park until the end of the world. Which may only be seven months, but …

no parking restrictions or fees – no stress at all

Our first stop was the tourist office. (Ask for Patrick) No, honestly, he was great. He organised all our accommodation in the region, the route we would take, where we would eat, the tours we would take, and where we would visit. Which included the brewery where his girlfriend works. Then all we had to do was check in and eat dinner.

The wine we had with dinner. Hmm, reference to the film?


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