travelling light

Can I travel light, carrying only smart phone, and blog on the road? I can fit all my luggage in a day pack, but to look more respectable I am using a slightly larger carry on bag. The heaviest items are the chargers for the smart phone and camera. But no PC or tablet, so all Internet is on the phone. ,,,,

My packing list: driving licence, cash, debit and credit cards, sunglasses, umbrella, passport, air tickets, travel insurance, maps, torch, document printouts, minimal clothing for warm and cold weather, smart phone and charger, earphone, camera and charger, plug adapter, triple adapter, mini USB adapter, mini tripod, laundry detergent, minimal toiletries.

Collecting e-mail, texting, browsing, even reading PDF’s and eBooks are all OK.,,,,,

But when it comes to entering text into WordPress the phone’s keyboard hides the line of text one is inputting. The same happens with Polaris Office. So far the best is to type up in the email app and paste into WordPress on the Internet app – but not Dolphin.


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