Margaret River, Western Australia – Day 3

First it was business – we booked an afternoon wine tour at the tourist centre. Business completed we headed for the beach, with me pretending it was warm, wearing shorts, T-shirt & flip flops. Actually it was cold, as was the water, but I happily paddled away until a rogue wave drenched me, had my friend trying to work out how to explain to my wife about my watery demise, and me scurrying back to our accommodation to change into warm dry clothes.

nice beach, but water chilly

But not before spotting some cows.


cows – after all it is dairy country

We couldn’t leave Margaret River without visiting a brewery, so it was off to Cowmarup and a beer tasting – where Lauren, Patrick’s girlfriend works. For $14.50 one can order a paddle of five tiny glasses of different beers to sample, amounting to about a pint. The porter was my favourite.

beer tasting

Back in MR we lined our stomachs with a light lunch, and were picked up for the wine tour. Four wineries, a chocolate factory and a cheese factory, in fact. Some of the wines were very nice.

vineyard at Moss Brothers Winery

tasting wine from the barrel

Several people had dined in a restaurant called Must, so we ate there, finding the food good, but the portions small.



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