WA Days 6 and 7 – sweeping views of Broome.

I forgot to mention in the previous post that from the right hand side of the plane just before arriving in Broome we saw it just like looking at a map.

Broome was very pleasant. Nice blue skies, 35 degrees during the day, very spread out, flat and with good paths for cycling… It has an interesting mix of people due to its history.

I really had to change accommodation, but the tourist office didn’t open until 8.30. Having read the brochures and deciding what I wanted to do, I walked down to town beach,

Town Beach

which turned out not very enticing, and on the way saw the police station, law courts, and prison in close proximity.

Around 8.30 I was talking to the friendly and helpful lady at the tourist office, booked accommodation, and decided my other activities. Having checked out of the hostel I caught their shuttle bus over to Cable Beach and strolled to Beaches of Broome, a hostel/motel, and clean, modern and pleasant.

the hotel

Danika kindly let me check in three hours early, and being the lazy tourist, I chatted to her for a while, had coffee, browsed the Internet, ate, until my plans of renting a bicycle and seeing some more sites, with a kayaking trip, were abandoned in favour of the afternoon at the beach.

Cable Beach

It is called Cable Beach because a telecommunications cable was put through here. It is a nice beach, quite long, and the tide goes a long way out. What surprised me was how cold the water was, despite the latitude of Broome and its temperature.

In the evening was a beautiful sunset, and soon after the camels paraded past on their way home.


sunset at Cable Beach

camels at sunset

Day 7:
It turned out that if I wanted to get a seat back to Perth I would have to fly back today. So it was up early for a swim at sunrise, a leisurely packing, and the public bus to Matsos Brewery. The bus driver also acted like a tourist guide.

At Matsos you can get a tasting paddle of five beers of your choosing: ginger beer, porter, Smokey Bishop, chilli, lychee: that was the order that I liked them.


A !final mango beer and I started my walk to the airport. At the law courts on the way I stopped off for the weekend market. A singer-guitarist was singing jazz and rock, people were relaxing in the shade, buying food and other things from the stalls…

In about 10 minutes from leaving the markets I was checking in at the airport. The departure lounge was very laid back.


Qantas flew a 737 that evening, with seat back screens, and it was very comfortable.

I had missed the airport bus to central Perth, so caught the local, no. 37. It cost $3.50 and took about an hour, whereas the airport bus costs $15 and takes 15 minutes.

It had become dark, so after a drink at the Hula Bula bar, I got takeaway to eat in the hotel room.



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