Adelaide and on to Victoria – Days 13 and 14

Day 13: The flight from Adelaide to Melbourne is only about an hour, and by the time you have taken off, consumed what you’ve been served, and the staff have tidied up, you are about to land. The Qantas staff were friendly and efficient.

A friend picked me up at the airport (Tullamarine) and we drove up to Ballarat, which took about an hour. We spent the evening there with a friend.

Day 14: Our tour of Ballarat commenced at the Botanical Gardens, examining the busts of Australian Prime Ministers.


a grove of PM’s

a Prime Minister

Then on to the greenhouse, and the craft cottage where we chatted to the ladies there.


Although it was cold we walked around the lake a little-there was a rowing competition on, a paddle steamer, and lots of birds. It’s very pretty, with the autumn colours.


Back in the car we headed for Eureka Stockade, where miners revolted against the government. The whole site is currently being reconstructed, so we couldn’t see much. Finally we peeked into Sovereign Hill, a reconstruction of Ballarat in the gold rush era of the 1850’s. The tickets are very expensive at $45 per person, so we were too late already in the day for entry to be worthwhile. If a member accompanies you, you can get two tickets for the price of one.

Next it was off to a pretty country town – Daylesford – for lunch by the lake, and then a wander around the town. Everywhere parking is free.

Daylesford main street

Hepburn Spa is a few minutes away, and is famous for its waters, with lots of springs where you can fill your bottles with water, and the water is different at each one.

You pump the water up with the handle and the water comes out of the spout. Nearby are lots of walks.


In winter it is cold around here.


Finally we went to see The Mill Markets, which sells a huge collection of all sorts of memorabilia – interesting, but it’s very pricey.

their pamphlet


There are other lovely towns in the area, gold rush history to explore, walks, and attractions, but by now it was dark, and time to call it a day.

And have pizza for dinner – every time I go to Ballarat I dine here. Yes, I have been here twice. Great pizzas.

La Porchetta in Ballarat

The Lot


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