Roadtrip – Narooma to Sydney, the final leg – Day 17

It was to be the last day of our road trip, and my final destination in Australia. So, up before dawn to be at the beach in time for sunrise.

pre-dawn light

The temperature was not so bad, but the sand was very cold on my feet. To warm up I went into the water.


There was only one other person on the beach.

the lone fisherman

Back at the motel, the manager was telling us that the spotted gum in the motel grounds was the third largest in the state, had a girth of 10 metres, and was 300 years old.

We headed out of town towards the north. One this route there are many bridges crossing the rivers that flow to the sea, and many bridges of this style, that we crossed here in Narooma.

And along this coast is oyster country.

lots of oyster shops around

We took the tourist drive along the coast, which is east of the main road, the Princes Highway. And there are beautiful beaches all along the coast. Here is just one. Most are deserted as the water is a little chilly, and it is a weekday, during school term.

facing south, of course

This drive finished at Batemans Bay, when we lunched.

a small corner of Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay is relatively large, with a thriving waterfront. Many people retire here. It is also about two and a half hours drive from Canberra, so almost a suburb of that city.

A little north of here we turned off to Durras North, and found the wallabies very tame.

tame wallabies

I was later told you can even pat some of them – but I didn’t want to disturb them.

wallaby and bird

We drove to nearby Depot Beach headland.

Depot Beach

Leaving this area we saw a giant ant mound.

ant mound

Then we had to hit the road and head for Sydney.

nice countryside – with cows

The scenery was still nice, but we were trying to time our arrival in Sydney to be after rush hour, but in time for dinner with friends. Being almost winter, it became dark while still quite a distance south of Sydney, and certainly too dark for photos while driving.  We crossed under Sydney Harbour through the tunnel around 7PM, and soon after arrived at my friend’s home.

This was the final destination of this road trip.


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