Travelling light – how it worked out

My question before I departed was:

Can I travel light, carrying only smart phone, minimal luggage, and blog on the road?

“Yes”, is the answer, but to elaborate:

The washing powder worked well, and so having only two pairs of socks, for example, presented no challenge – washing every second night before bed meant they were dry in the morning.

On arrival in Australia the first thing I did was head to a mall and find the best PAYG deal for talk and Internet, which was with Virgin at this time. $2 for the SIM, and a $29 top up which in effect gave hundreds of dollars of talk time, and 1GB Internet, and it lasted for a month. 19 days later I have $337.80 of credit, including $28.40 credit and $309.40 of extra credit, and 601.42 MB data left. Every chance I got I used a wifi connection instead of the mobile Internet, but even so I thought I had used it quite a lot.

Collecting e-mail, texting, browsing, listening to music, even reading PDF’s and eBooks are all OK.

But when it comes to entering text into the WordPress blog app the phone’s keyboard hides the line of text one is inputting sometimes, which is a nuisance. Typing is slow, but possibly this is better than carrying a PC with one. If one is typing directly onto an online page, e.g. Facebook, it is best to save your work frequently, as sometimes you lose connectivity, and thus your work.

The camera in the phone is OK, but some camera phones are better, if if want to forgo the camera entirely, and save even more space and weight. But if you want to upload to the blog or Facebook, it is much easier taking the photo with the phone in the first place.  You could use your camera and either set the file size of the photos to something reasonably small, or edit the photo in the camera, or on the phone.  But in my case I would need to be using a micro SD card, in an SD card adapter in my camera, in order to be able to transfer the photos to the phone, as the phone has only a micro SD slot.

So the easiest is to take any photos you wish to upload while on the road with the phone.

If the network, either wifi or mobile, is slow, uploading photos to the blog or Facebook etc. will fail.

Another difficulty on this trip is that I was packing for the tropics and winter.  But my ensemble was sufficient.  I hope to leave my coat and head for the airport with a little less to carry, so I hope my day of departure is not cold.

Could I have carried less? Yes, a hand razor instead of electric, one pair of trousers instead of two, and one less T-shirt. But I did use everything I had.

So, overall, it worked well.

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