A night at Changi (Singapore Airport)

Technical problems caused my flight to be two hours late arriving, so I missed the last flight out of the night to Penang.  A night in Changi, then. Luckily it’s my favourite airport – which, of course, it partly why I chose to transit through it. I was on my way from Sydney to Singapore.


Firstly I head for the Airport Information desk to get a WiFi login and password, map of the airport, if there are any lounges I could use free, and the location of the free shower. They now want your passport details for the WiFi. And they told me there was no free shower.


I certainly couldn’t find the shower this time, and I looked in all three terminals.

There are lots of activities available at Changi.


Mostly I watched films and snoozed in the T2 cinema,

This is the entrance to the T2 games and cinema room

but there is also a snooze room inT3, with recliners.

note power point if you do wish to charge something

Another important thing to do is charge the mobile, but for safety you have to keep an eye on it, so can’t do it while asleep or in the cinema, unless you put the mobile in your pocket, perhaps – should the cord be long enough.

I found similar snooze chairs on the upper level (Level 3?) in T1.

It was pleasant to view briefly some of many gardens on the terminals.


During the day you can also take a free tour to the city if you have time.


Airport information told me I could use the Green Market restaurant (in T2) with a card I had from my bank. In my wanderings I walked past, so entered.  They close at 1AM, so there was half an hour left. They have wifi, computers you can use, and they give you a free meal.  You need to show the card and your boarding pass – I didn’t have the boarding pass for my next flight yet, but they were happy with the one for the incoming flight.

the free (Japanese) meal

I also went to the Butterfly Room, but it was dark and the butterflies were asleep.


To get around I mainly walked, but did use the inter terminal Skytrain.



Later, when it was light, I returned to the butterfly garden, and although it’s very hard to see in a photo, lots of butterflies were flying around.

many of those splotchy colours are butterflies flying

If you need a drink of water, there are a lot of water fountains around the place.

And finally, at the boarding gates, they also have WiFi, and computers you can use. And another great idea – a posting service in case security don’t let you take something on board the plane – although this service is frightfully expensive.

You can post back things security won’t let you take on the plane – and this is just outside the boarding gate.

The great thing about Changi is that airside it is s huge transit lounge. Not the usual transit lounge which is a tiny room with blank walls where you wait to board your next flight.

This time in Changi the WiFi reception was quite unreliable, and I was disappointed about the shower, but it is still my favourite airport.

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