Song River, Gurney Drive for breakfast

Around two-thirds of the way down Gurney Drive from Gurney Plaza, on the corner of Jalan Birch, one finds Song River hawker centre.

Song River hawker centre

Gurney Drive, by the way, was named after Sir Henry, a British official in Malaya.

The sea is just across the road, but the road is quite busy and you may have to wait a while to cross. From Song River there is not much of a view, and not much atmosphere.  What attracts people is the quality of the food. And Song River can be very busy, mornings, lunch and night, with all tables taken.

in Song River

My favourites are the bean curd with eggplant and bitter gourd cook egg.

menu page 1

menu page 2

This morning I was too busy trying to watch Venus crossing the sun to remember to photograph the food we ordered, but somewhere I already have photos and will add sometime.

Juice bar is closed, so you can drink Chinese tea.  Hot water is in a pot on a burner, or in a boiler – you serve yourself.

Song River

Gurney Drive, Penang, corner Jalan Birch

Open: 7.00AM – 3PM with the menu just shown; then evenings with different stalls and menus.

WiFi – Penang free WiFi – but too weak for me to connect.

Parking – legally – on Gurney Drive; Lorong Birch has a pay parking lot at present, near Jalan Birch; Corner Club, a little further down Gurney Drive – RM3. Illegally, surrounding streets – but the police do come sometimes and book cars.  And the illegally parked cars jam up the traffic.


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