Segafredo Gurney Plaza revisited

Segafredo, a coffee shop, has moved from its location between Gurney Plaza and G Hotel, to the other (Kelawei Road) side of Gurney Plaza, on the ground floor to the right of the entrance as you enter Gurney Plaza.

The Kelawei Road side of Gurney Plaza

It is certainly far quieter a location – for the customer and for their business. The information boards at Gurney Plaza now make no mention at all of Segafredo, and my phone’s GPS led to the old location. On the web, Facebook, however, shows the correct location.

Segafredo outside

Segafredo’s interior is all sparkling and new.  Indeed, you can also sit outside, and it’s comfortable outside once the sun has set and it is cooler.


Against the side wall are some armchairs where you can relax.  Next to each set is a power point, and Segafredo provides free WiFi, so you have all you need if you also wish to spend hours with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

armchairs – power points against wall

There is a wine cool room you can see at the back of the photo above, but I regret I didn’t get around to investigating it.  Next time.

part of the coffee and drinks menu

Presumably to increase business, make the shop look busier, and to create customer loyalty, Segafredo had a deal with Groupon on Tiger beer and Guinness, and this was why we were here.  Many of the patrons that night were also there for the same reason.


Indeed, it was the best Guinness I have had in Malaysia.  Thus, I didn’t have the coffee, although in the past it has been good.


We did eat a little, however.  Fish and chips; and sea bass.

one page of the food menu

The volume of food was not so great, but the quality was, and it tasted good. The food menu is not particularly extensive, either, but then, it is a coffee shop, after all.

So, overall we were pretty happy. The staff were friendly and helpful, the decor modern and new, the Guinness and food good, and we comfortably spent a few hours.  And by oneself with WiFi and power, you are all set, too.


GPS: 5.4363995335833, 100.30902493914

Gurney Plaza, Kelawei Road Entrance, ground floor.

Free WiFi


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