Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – some encouraging results

Although this is a tough hobby, sometimes something works.

This week I harvested quite a few chillies.

chilli plant

These chillies are hot within 24 hours of picking, and mild thereafter.

I had some on my home-made pizza

And this morning I noticed that the cape gooseberry had produced some fruit.  I had thought that after all these months of flowering, and then the flowers dropping, that this season they were just establishing themselves.

a cape gooseberry plant

But there are several fruit growing

a baby fruit pod

And there is even one passion fruit that is starting to ripen – I can’t wait to try that.  It just dropped off in my hand yesterday.

my first passion fruit

Interestingly, the mung beans, which I have companion planted with passion fruit, and which have always germinated a day or two after sowing the seeds, are suddenly not germinating.  I wonder if they know that now birds are eating them once they have fruited and have beans in pods, so they have decided simply not to grow in this spot.  Up until now they have been most reliable.  But netting has not stopped the birds getting at the pods.

A blue pea flower is growing locally, and being a legume, would also companion plant well with passion fruit. And it’s quite fast growing and pretty.  So I have started to grow this one with them. You dry the flower and cook with food (e.g. blue rice) to colour it blue. Or it can be used to make tea. The Thais apparently use it to make juice.  I am wondering if I can use it in a cocktail instead of Blue Curacao.

And right now the plumbago is very happy.


Right now the plumbago is not being attacked by bugs, and having no trouble with the weather.

happy plumbago


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