Internet deal sites for Penang

Mrs Tropical Expat checks the deal sites, and we have bought deals on such things as haircuts, facials, massages, hotel stays, meals in restaurants, coffee in coffee shops, drinks at bars…

From the vendors’ point of view, one supposes that the idea is that customers will return if they like what they receive.  However, often the offerings are way overpriced unless you buy the deal, so you never intend to return anyway.  This is especially so for beauty treatments.  And very often, the owner is not the manager of the establishment, and it is no advantage to the staff to promote the business, so patrons are not really encouraged to return anyway.

I liked one hairdresser I had visited on a deal, so I tried to make  a booking two months later for a haircut, but she had already left their employ.  So the promotion was of little benefit to the owner, even when I was happy.  Now I have found another hairdresser I like, on another deal, so I hope to return there.  So it is possible for the promotion to work.

In the case of restaurants, we have had the experience where the servings were different (much smaller) on the deal, so while the deal looked good on the Internet, in reality the value was no better than if you had just gone to the restaurant as a normal customer anyway. We left hungry, and unhappy.  So when they say, 40% off, sometimes the portions are also 40% off. Looking at many restaurant deals on the Internet, they are poor value anyway, but when you do buy a deal that looks good, and restaurants do not live up to the deal promised, of course it is a negative promotion, in that you will never return.  We have also had good experience with restaurant promotions, so one can’t always tell.

Unfortunately, now the deal sites seem to have morphed into simply Internet shopping sites, with nothing much of interest for sale.

Anyway, the best and biggests, according to Mrs Tropical Expat, and one that is a combination of all the others, is

Big Sale

Some of the others for your perusal:





My Deal


Living Social

So, happy shopping.



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