On the train from Penang to Kuala Lumpur – minor updates

When I tried to book  a ticket online for the next day’s train Iu discovered you can book a minimum of two days in advance. And a maximum of two months. I had to purchase it at the station.

At the George Town ferry terminal there are now signs which indicate which of the two channels you should take for boarding. Anyway, it’s the left one.

There is now WiFi at the ferry waiting area. Penang Free WiFi.

The same WiFi is available at Butterworth station waiting room.

A lot of construction is going on at Butterworth – New platforms, double tracks, etc.

Butterworth Station construction

I see they are making considerable progress laying double tracks as I travel south. A great many road overpasses are being built over the lines, too.

Many windows in the carriages are almost opaque as they are double glazed, and water has condensed in between. The view is much less clear.

The carriages are very clean, but shabby. Many of the seat back tables are broken or missing. On this 8am train there is no trolley service.

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