Home Gas safety testing in Malaysia

There is no town gas in Penang.

Gas is delivered in canisters

gas canister

by a man on a motorbike.

motorbike gas delivery man – which you see everywhere on the roads all the time – except when you want to photograph one

I like this as you are self-sufficient (until you run out of gas). The first time you have gas delivered you pay a deposit of RM50 on the canister, and then about RM29 for 14KG of gas. If you ever return the canister you show your receipt to get the RM50 returned – minus perhaps a pickup charge or about RM3. If you lost your receipt, expect to get back less, perhaps RM40. When you run out of gas, you simply call the gas supply company and they are usually around in less than half an hour with another canister to swap over. They will disconnect the empty one and replace it with the full one.

Petronas advertise their home gas safety testing, so we recently changed supplier to Petronas. After installation the gas delivery man asked whether to test now, and we asked him to. So he whipped out a cigarette lighter and flicked it on. That was the safety test!! It didn’t sparkle, so all safe.


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