Honda car service in Malaysia

Now back blogging in Malaysia, I am writing a mini-blog today.

Honda Customer Service

Hondas are nice cars, but I have learnt to have very low expectations of their customer service in Malaysia.

For example, when my car is serviced:

  • I do not get personal service
  • I have to wait quite a while to get served when I bring the car in
  • I do not get a loan car or even a lift somewhere
  • I do not get a proper explanation of what was done, any concerns etc.
  • My car is not cleaned inside or washed – in fact it comes back dirtier and I have to vacuum the inside
  • I emailed the CEO in KL to complain, but got no reply
  • Honda used to post a monthly magazine, but promised to send a present if we subscribed to the online version. We subscribed to the online version, and thus receive an email – but they never sent the present.

Now it is out of warranty I do not have to take it there anymore.


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