Sauerkraut – How to Make Sauerkraut with sea salt

I haven’t found where I can buy sauerkraut in Penang, although some restaurants do serve it. So I make it myself.



Cabbage – 2KG

Sea Salt, or at least natural salt – 2 tablespoons, heaped

Optional Ingredients:


Red chilli – 1 (for colour, mainly)

Bay leaves – 2

Fennel, caraway seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns – all, any or none – they are for extra flavour


Large mixing bowls x 2

Cutting board and knife

Glass storage jars x 2 or 3

Optional cabbage or vegetable slicer


  • Sterilise equipment a little with colloidal silver, food grade peroxide – or just make sure it is very clean
  • Slice carrot and red chilli and put aside

  • Remove and set aside a couple of large outside leaves of cabbage for later use
  • Slice cabbage reasonably thinly (1/2 setting on slicer – ½ of 1)
  • 2 KG of cabbage will fill two large mixing bowls

sliced cabbage

  • Add one heaped tablespoon of salt to each of the two bowls of cabbage

adding salt

  • For each bowl, massage until texture s changes and gets glossy, do for 10 minutes – volume should decrease markedly

volume decreased by massaging

  • Combine contents of both bowls, and then add other ingredients and mix together

combine contents

  • Then in a big glass jar or jars pack the kraut a few inches deep and pack down hard, then put in more, etc.
  • Pack to 2-3” from top of jar.  Push down and ensure all covered by liquid – because otherwise becomes moldy

ready to add leaves on top and weight down to keep under the water

  • Then take outer cabbage leaves and layer on top pushing down so ensures all covered with liquid
  • Then put small rocks in on top to weigh it all down, and push it all down to keep cabbage under the brine
  • Then put lid on jar
  • Could be ready to eat in three to four days
  • Don’t leave it in sunlight
  • Put in fridge and will keep for months or years.


  1. your blog is fantastic and covers all topics I have affinity for..sauerkraut making, gardening, languages etc. Have you tried making Moroccan pickled lemons ? – makes a great addition in pasta.

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