Oktoberfest in Penang is coming – Oktoberfest kommt!

2014 UPDATE:

I notice this page is currently quite popular – but it is from two years ago. Please see Penang MGS Oktoberfest 2014


Germans are so keen to get started with Oktoberfest they celebrate in September. Which is good business for the German bands and girls in dirndl, because after they can come to places like Penang so we can celebrate Oktoberfest in October, with some authenticity.

Every year Oktoberfest becomes more popular in Penang – at least with restaurants and bars, because it gives a good excuse to try to attract patrons. But the patrons seem to like it too, and it is indeed more popular.

In my area of Penang the Oktoberfests I am aware of are – and with photos from previous years:

E & O Hotel –  October 25th from 7PM.  Details. Last year I went and it was great fun, with a German band and tasty food and German and local beer, and wine.  The price was RM120 last year, RM148 per person this year.

Malaysian German Society (MGS) – October 26th & 27th  from 7PM. It is probably the original Oktoberfest in Penang as it’s been celebrating for 40 years. Very popular and lots of fun. I have been for several years and always enjoy it.  There is a Bavarian band, lots of German food etc. RM30 at door to enter, cheaper for pre-purchase.  You pay separately for drinks and food.

ladies drinking competition

And Gurney Paragon has an advertisement on Facebook. As Facebook is often unreachable (at least using Telekom Malaysia’s Internet connection, I have copied it here.

Morganfields there at Paragon, from 24th September to 24th October have a promotion they call PORK*TOBERFEST.  Ugh. They also have beer deals, such as 5 pints for RM110 nett; 3 pints of Carlsberg for RM50 nett etc.

I am planning on attending the first two, the E&O followed by the MGS – which will keep me busy for three nights running.  I may even look in at paragon on October 4th.

And any new information I get will be added.

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