Penang Hill

an old carriage displayed near the top station

I don’t mind crowds. But I don’t like waiting a long time because something is crowded.  As we heard that you can wait a long time to catch the cable car up Penang Hill, we chose the worst possible conditions – around opening time (6:30AM) during a torrential downpour. Surely it wasn’t going to be crowded then. It wasn’t.  And it was easy to park the car, too.

And why, after all these years, haven’t I been there before? Well, the ticket prices are far higher at RM30 than for Malaysians, who pay RM5, even for those of us who are residents.  I do not wish to support such discrimination. RM30 is almost our water bill for one year. I only went because a friend of mine was visiting and really wanted to go.

Read here for information from the government site.

You can see from this map where the top station of Penang Hill is, marked by “A”.

And from this map you can see how to get there by car. It is as the end of Jalan Bukit Bendera, and you can park if you turn right into Jalan Pokok Ceri, immediately before the end of Jalan Bukit Bendera.  On the left after a few hundred metres you will find a car park.

From the opposite end to the car entrance to the car park is a path leading down to the lower station.

path to station from car park

For access by bus, catch Rapid Penang No. 204 from Weld Quay to Penang Hill Railway Station. There is more information on the route here.

Entrance with the bus turning circle in front

the car at the bottom station

driver controls

heading up

Once you are up the top you can wander around. But note that the restaurants etc. don’t open until 11AM. For more information on eating

at the top station, ready to head down

My plan, were I to go again,would be to go up early, take coffee and food to consume before the coffee shops etc. open, and wander around everywhere until lunch time.  Have lunch, and then come down. Actually, I am going to try to walk up next time – which is quite a challenge.

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