Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – blue pea flower

One of the few successes I have had is growing the blue pea flower.  This is because, different from most things I have tried to grow, I got the seeds from a neighbour’s plant, so I was growing in the same environment.

blue flower

The flowers can be used to make detox tea:

flowers, picked

flowers, picked and dried

blue pea flower tea

When you squeeze some lemon juice into the tea it becomes purple, as shown below:

blue pea flower tea on left; blue pea flower with lemon on right

Or it can be used to make blue rice, which is rather attractive:

Or, it can be used to improve the soil, as it is a legume and fixes nitrogen in the soil.  I use it as a companion plant with my passion fruit vines.

How to grow:

find the plant

pick the mature pod

get the seeds from the pod

Plant seeds in potting mix and transplant into a larger pot or the ground when the seedlings are an inch or two high.


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