Recovery from seasonal illness

Tropical Expat has been laid low for almost a month with some sort of flu, caught possibly while travelling on the trains in Malaysia.  As usual I waited for it to go away, with no treatment, but it didn’t. The fever did, but occasionally came back for a few hours after a few days. This blog is about how I treated it, and recovered.

As an aside,  I have thus been unable to research material for writing blogs, as I have been at home except for grocery shopping, and cancelled all social engagements and outings.


  • a great amount of dry coughing
  • light fever occasionally
  • no natural recovery over time


Around 4th October I had a headache, light fever, and coughing, but I “recovered” the next day, only to have it return with a vengeance about three days later.  A few days later I “recovered” again, and then it soon returned, and stayed, so by Thursday 11th October the coughing was quite bad.  I still expected to recover naturally, so did no treatment.  The following Thursday 18th I was coughing so badly that the coughing caused back damage, and from then on any coughing was painful.

As a result on Monday 22nd I finally went to the hospital, as described in an earlier blog of mine.

The general idea from both doctors I saw was to treat and cure the cough, and thus the cause of continual back pain will be removed and the back will be able to recover. I was prescribed these medicines (on the left side) for the cough.

so many medicines!!!

Klacid MR – Clarithromycin – obviously an antibiotic – one a day for five days

Mucosolvon – Ambroxol – one tablet three times a day for one week

Fluimucil – Acetylcysteine – one tablet once a day for one week

A cough syrup – three times a day for a week


I took the medicines as prescribed, and a week later I was feeling a little better.  But from then I was on my own, as I didn’t see much point returning to the doctor, and didn’t notice any dramatic results from the medicines.

I did all the following, so I can’t say which were the most effective, but in combination they seemed to help:

  • fasting or light eating – mainly fruit.  This meant my body spent less energy on digestion, and more on healing. As I was using little energy staying at home, I hardly needed much food.
  • sunshine for at least 10 minutes a day
  • using the nebuliser with colloidal silver several times a day. I couldn’t inhale deeply as this caused coughing fits, which caused my back much pain, but gradually as my lungs cleared up I could inhale more deeply, which would make it more effective, too.  For more on colloidal silver see here and here and here.  Colloidal silver is a natural anti-biotic, and after I used it my lungs cleared out some stuff, so it felt effective.  I bought the Omron nebuliser in Gurney Plaza, in a shop near Cold Storage.


  • Oil pulling – which removes toxins from your mouth, and thus your body, so gives your immune system more chance to heal you.  I use coconut oil, and generally did it once a day until I was recovering well, when I increased the frequency to twice or three times a day.
  • Reiki. Being a Reiki master myself, naturally I did this on myself.
  • Ginko nuts – bought at Pulau Tikus market – are good for coughs.
  • Persimmon – bought at Pulau Tikus market – are also good for coughs.
  • I tried to sleep when possible, but it was painful for me to lie down, so unfortunately I couldn’t sleep well or as much as I wanted.
  • Coughing was least painful when I sat down in an average height solid chair. Lying down or standing up, or sitting on a soft sofa or a mattress was much more painful, thus causing more damage to my back.  I had to rush to a chair when I was about to cough.

So in the five days since I finished the medicines and used the above treatments on myself I have experienced a strong recovery, with my lungs clearing out, and being able to inhale much more deeply.

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