Signs of Malaysia 3 – Anzeichen von Malaysia 3

Signs I noticed in various parts of Malaysia in 2012.

Anzeichen, die ich in 2012 in verschiedene Teile von Malaysia gefunden habe.



  1. Yes, she does look like a big tart. I also love the idea of twin towers of ghee.

    (changing to German teacher’s hat) I would have used “Schild”, rather than “Anzeichen”, for “sign”. “Schild” (cognate with “shield” in English” is a panel with writing, whereas “Anzeichen” is the more figurative meaning.

    1. Thanks, Rod. I bow to your greater knowledge of German. I’d just looked up the dictionary. After the big tart I rather liked the lean ho – spotted by a friend of mine. What still baffles me is why the shop assistant at the twin towers of ghee looked so sour – most people here are so friendly.

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