Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

KL Bird Park bills themselves as the world’s largest free-flight walk in aviary. In other words, it is covered by huge nets. Some birds are wandering around and flying around, but others that might be a danger to humans or other birds are still in cages. Birds such as eagles and owls have to watch the peacocks, pigeons and flamingos wander or fly around in relative freedom.

Any why, after so many visits to KL, if this my first visit there?  Well, it is quite expensive, and this is one of the attractions in Malaysia that has a dual charging policy, so being non-Malaysian one pays considerably more than Malaysians.  But they are quite sneaky about it. At the ticket booth the foreigner price is written in English and in numbers, but the Malaysian price is written in Bahasa, instead of in figures – which is very unusual. So, unless you can read some Bahasa you will be unaware of what they are up to.  See the photo below.

Dewasa = Adult; Dua Puluh Lima = 25

We, unwisely as it turned out, walked from the Pasar Seni  station, so by the time we arrived we were already tired. It is not as easy walk, or particularly pleasant.  We decided to catch a taxi back to the station when we had finished, and asked about the price at the taxi counter near the Bird Park entrance.  The price was RM14, but they pointed out that the price to our actual destination (KLCC) was RM20, which was a far better alternative.  Parking on a weekday appeared easy, and if I’d brought the car to KL I would have driven there.

some of the car park

Anyway, being exhausted after our walk, we stopped first at the Hornbill Restaurant, which is near the park entrance. The menu was not particularly exciting, but was rather expensive. Drinks were priced from about RM8 up, for example. But the restaurant backs onto the park, and so is covered by the netting above, and hornbills might be flying around free for your viewing pleasure.  You can either enter the restaurant from the outside or from inside the park.

Hornbill Restaurant from inside the park

hornbill free

hornbill with friend

Once we’d bitten the bullet and paid the entrance fee I found that you are given a coloured paper arm band to wear; orange for the foreigner price and green for the Malaysian price.

entrance – through two doors – the whole area above is netted

Inside there is quite a lot of tree coverage, so it is relatively cool.

park plan

I did get a couple of mosquito bites while in the shade looking at the owls, so then I put some repellent on and  had no further bites. There are plenty of benches around to rest on, and apart from the Hornbill Restaurant a couple of shops that sell snacks and drinks.  A 500ml bottle of water was RM4!!! (We paid RM1.50 for a 500ml bottle at Taiping Zoo, and I was outraged at that price.)

There is a bird show daily at 12.30PM and 3.30PM, hornbill feeding at 11.30AM, eagle feeding at 2.30PM, stork feeding at 4.00PM, and you can see other birds feeding throughout the day.  They put tropical fruit such as papaya on sticks above the ground and birds come and feed when they wish.

In the middle of the day, on a weekday it was not crowded, and it was nice having many birds free.
Below are some photos of some of the birds and landscapes in the park.

chick near its nest

Evidently it came to a real surprise to whomever chose the paving that it rains in Kuala Lumpur

stork climbing a tree

scarlet ibis

this one flew up to its nest with some leaves

KL Tower and Petronas Towers in the distance

We spent about two hours viewing the park, but didn’t stay for the bird show, or see any of the other bird feeding times.

If you are only visiting Kuala Lumpur, and nowhere else in Malaysia, probably a visit to the Bird Park is worthwhile.  But if you will be visiting Penang, a trip to the bird park in Butterworth would be better.  It is very pleasant, smaller, has a cheaper entrance fee, and has very nice birds, too.

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