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Tropical Expat

KL Bird Park bills themselves as the world’s largest free-flight walk in aviary. In other words, it is covered by huge nets. Some birds are wandering around and flying around, but others that might be a danger to humans or other birds are still in cages. Birds such as eagles and owls have to watch the peacocks, pigeons and flamingos wander or fly around in relative freedom.

Any why, after so many visits to KL, if this my first visit there?  Well, it is quite expensive, and this is one of the attractions in Malaysia that has a dual charging policy, so being non-Malaysian one pays considerably more than Malaysians.  But they are quite sneaky about it. At the ticket booth the foreigner price is written in English and in numbers, but the Malaysian price is written in Bahasa, instead of in figures – which is very unusual. So, unless…

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