Colloidal silver – natural disinfectant and antibiotic – making it at home

Until about 100 years ago, colloidal silver was commonly used by the medical establishment.

To read a little on colloidal silver see here and here and here. Colloidal silver is a natural anti-biotic, and after I used it my lungs cleared out some stuff, so it felt effective. I bought an Omron nebuliser in Gurney Plaza, in a shop near Cold Storage. I use the gel to take the itch out of mosquito bites, and for any burns. We wipe the interior of jars with CS just before adding yoghurt or sauerkraut.  It makes better, thicker yoghurt and the sauerkraut lasts longer.

You can make colloidal silver at home if you have the right equipment.  Basically, you need distilled water and a colloidal silver maker.  I bought mine from Silver Well by Internet order. It is also convenient to have a TDS (Total Dissolved solids) meter, and a laser light. It really is easier just to order them all together from  Silver Well.  And buy the gel kit too, as CS gel is very useful.  I have ordered from them about three times and  found this company trustworthy, and the product good. But there are other companies you can find on the Internet, too, if you wish.  Silver Well also tell you on their site how to make your own generator by yourself.

The instructions they provide are good too, and go into far more details than I do here. Anyway, here’s what to do… Get distilled water.

distilled water

You can buy distilled water from Jusco, and I have seen the Spritzer brand in Tesco. Just double check it clearly says it is distilled.  However, like the Jusco bottle below, the bottle will be a PET bottle, so BPA will leech into the water, making it unhealthy. So I prefer to make my own, using a water distiller I bought in the UK, but is made in Taiwan. I note this model has been revamped since I bought it a few years ago. Mine is still going strong.

Put ordinary tap water into container up to the level indicated inside (not shown here)

Assemble distiller and run for several hours – the water will collect in the open pot.

I am going to make the CS in the glass below, so first I pour in distilled water to near the top. Then I test it with a TDS meter. It is important that the reading is 3 parts per million or less. I expect it will be zero, as indeed it is. You are wasting your time if you use impure water – tap water, rain water, mineral water etc. can be from 10ppm to hundreds of parts per million.

TDS reading is zero for the recently made distilled water.

Occasionally it is a good idea to callibrate the TDS meter. For this you have a solution of 342 ppm, and you adjust your meter so it reads this when testing this solution.

TDS meter callibration

Then just connect up the CS maker, and let it run for a few hours, until the green light goes off.

CS maker in action

The TDS meter will not give an accurate reading of the amount of silver in solution – it’s about twice or three times what the meter reads if you use it.  Instead, to check it is ok, shine a laser light through the solution, and if there is a strong beam through it, you have made a good batch. Basically, it’s foolproof if you just follow instructions, anyway.

shine red laser light through the solution – but this did not photograph well at all

That’s it, really. Store in a dark glass bottle – old red wine bottles with screw caps are good – and store in a darkish place.



    1. I bought it online while travelling in Australia – so I paid as advertised in Australian dollars on the website. And I had it delivered to a friend there who I visited. However, I bought some gel later from them and they sent it to Malaysia, with no problems.

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