Siem Reap to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines

Before even catching this flight I had problems with Malaysian Airlines.  I did a web check in on my PC at the hotel to save time at the airport – standing in queues is not necessary anymore, and I haven’t had to do that for a long time.  But after web check in the only option was to print the boarding pass immediately. You couldn’t send it to your phone like you can with other airlines.  I had no printer, so I needed to save the file as a PDF, and then put it on a memory stick, but I couldn’t save it as a PDF – only as an .XPS file.  Well, the hotel couldn’t print an XPS file.  So I worked my way up the street, visiting print shops – I even found a print ship without a printer (?!) – but none could handle an XPS file.  Finally I walked in a shop which had new looking equipment, and I got my boarding pass printed.

But.  At Siem Reap Airport, there was no bag drop for web check in passengers.  There was absolutely no point in doing a web check in.  You had to wait in one of two long, very slow-moving queues.  We were back in the 20th Century.  So not only had I wasted over an hour wandering around in the sun trying to print the boarding pass, then I got to waste another hour waiting in an unnecessary queue! At least the counter staff were friendly.



The plane was a Boeing 737-800,and quite new.

The seat configuration was four rows of four seats, with the aisle in the middle in Business Class.

Business Class

Business Class

And 26 rows of seats six abreast, with the aisle down the middle, in Economy Class. The plane only had two toilets for Economy Class, so people often had to wait to use them, and seats filled virtually all the cabin area, so there was no space to stand except in the aisles or the galley at the back of the plane. The layout made the plane very cramped.

20121202 (11)s

Economy Class

Somehow or other the plane managed to leave on time.

The plane had an entertainment system, with films, games, music, flight information, and you could read the Koran – but not other religious texts.

touch screen monitors for films etc.

touch screen monitors for films etc.

There were also power points and USB provided at the seats.

USB, power point and remote control for screen.

USB, power point and remote control for screen.

In Economy Class, this was a choice of chicken with noodles or fish. They would serve you a small glass of beer or a small glass of white wine if you asked, but for the whole of Economy Class they had only three bottles of white wine, so they ran out.



The chicken  nice, but the chocolate bar seemed either to be years old, or have been kept in a freezer for a while.

Announcements over the P.A. were addressed to, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls”.

The staff were friendly, and the flight arrived without delay in Kuala Lumpur.


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