The future with some advanced technologies – free energy and teleportation

This particular blog doesn’t pertain specifically to Malaysia, but to the future in general.

We are perhaps now entering into a new post 2012 era.  The recent past’s future was stymied – we were only allowed to have a little, and in dribs and drabs.

From 1900 to 1975 technology for the average person living in Western countries advanced a lot.  Cars, TV, video, planes…  And they got cheaper and more accessible. But since 1975 we’ve got what? Mobile phones (which do get better and better), home video, bigger TV’s…  But nothing like the radical change in the first 75 years of the century.  The 747 is still flying, and passenger planes still fly at around the same speed, only the range has improved. People still work around 40 hours a week. Boring.

But I have heard and read about much more exciting stuff. I have read about flying cars for over 20 years (, but they still are not in the air. However,  Tesla demonstrated “free” energy over 100 years ago, and worked on teleportation, which has been available for 40 years. More recently others have followed up on this work, and we are on the edge of breakthroughs by scientists who really want to release the technology for general use.  Huge corporations ( and governments on their behalf) have supressed this for too long for self interest, and probably can’t keep a lid on it much longer.

So indulge me while I muse just a little on what it will soon be like.

All electricity for home is produced by a small box kept near the electrical consumer unit.  It is basically free to produce, so we don’t use gas anymore.  I do have a small car, also running on electricity produced by another small box kept in the car, so it has an unlimited range. But I only really drive if I want to see the scenery on the way to where I am going.  It is far more dangerous than teleportation.

In the house is also a teleportation portal.  Teleportation is very safe, but it dehyrates you, so you drink plenty of water before and after.  The weather in London later will be very pleasant, so I will pop over there for lunch / my dinner. It’ll take a few seconds to get there. But I’ll be back in Malaysia to sleep in my own bed at night. OK, that’s enough speculation. It’s easy to go on and on with how everything will change.

The most exciting time will be as we change over to the new technologies.  Our standard of living is largely determined by availability of cheap energy, so just imagine what it will be like with almost free energy.

I suppose the first teleports will be installed at airports, so initially you’ll need to go there to travel. Then they’ll be put into train and bus stations. And sooner or later everyone will have one.

Those who want a carbon-free economy will have it – although everyone will see it was all a hoax, anyway. So carbon trading will be a bust, just another scam that didn’t succeed.

And you know how you can block unwanted email? Well, you could probably block unwanted visitors to your teleport in the same way.

If you think this is all rubbish, then let me say:

  • If you can imagine it, it can be done.
  • Everything is energy – humans, things etc. We constantly transform and transport energy – oil by pipelines, electricity wirelessly and by wires etc., so why not teleportation?
  • And as everything is energy, there is no shortage, as the “authorities” try to make out, so they can raise the price, living in luxury on money effectively stolen from us.  It is just a matter of exploiting energy in the right way so it is cheap and clean.
  • To get you started here are a couple of websites:
  • on free energy.
  • on teleportation and more.

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