Inflation in Penang

Government inflation figures are political, and not to be trusted. Especially as there is an impending election. This article claims 1.3% inflation in Malaysia.

I haven’t really been watching out for inflation, but when I was buying sausages the other day in Tesco, they had forgotten to change the price sticker on one kind of sausage, so I knew the previous and the present price, as all sausages are priced the same. It had jumped from RM40.90 to RM44.90 per Kilo. (This is now two months ago, in mid-October.) This is about 10%.

More obvious is the price for lunch at the E & O buffet has jumped from about RM55 to RM78, and parking from RM3 to RM6, over the period of about three years.  Admittedly, the quality has improved a lot in the interim, so we aren’t comparing like with like.  But, 47%!

And buying a can of tuna today (December 17th), it seems now to be RM5.50 instead of about RM4.50 when I bought it recently. Again at Tesco.

Fruit and vegetables used to be quite reasonably priced at Tesco, too, but no more.

I don’t think we are the only people who are noticing this. Tesco opened about a year and a half ago at Tanjung Pinang. Up until about six months ago it was quite busy, but it seems to becoming quieter and quieter.

Of course, manufacturers are playing their part, too, by gradually decreasing the amount of the contents, while putting up prices.

A bottle of wine, beer or soft drink used to be 750 ml, and a  can half at 375ml.  Now, here, a local larger bottle was 660ml, I thought, but when I check Tiger is 633ml.The cans became 330, 325 for Schweppes, and now I see 320ml on one can.  They are gradually getting smaller and smaller.

A change in our shopping patterns is coming up. Tesco is apparently still cheaper for cleaning products.  Otherwise, the markets, and elsewhere.

I’m not in the business of watching such things over time – too boring. So, here ends a minimally and narrowly researched blog.


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