Tropical Christmas

It’s two days before Christmas as I write this – and I have no Christmas feeling at all. It’s the tropics, it’s hot, and Christmas is not one of Malaysia’s big holidays. Sure, some people celebrate it, and there are decorations in the malls and hotels, but there is no real spirit of Christmas that I can feel.

In the past I have had many southern hemisphere Christmases, but in those countries Christmas is big.

I have photographed the decorations, and indeed have them up at home, I’ve watched Christmas films, made plans for our own celebrations, so what can I do? Go somewhere cool like the Cameron Highlands? Many people do. Chang Mai is a bit further, but cool too, at this time of year, I hear.

My ideal is to enjoy the cold, some snow, and the Christmas markets in Germany up until the 24th, and then return to Malaysia.  I have done this before, and it really is nice.  The best of both worlds.  After Christmas, who wants to be in the cold?

Well, the plan this year is to simply turn down the temperature on the air-cons, and just celebrate anyway. I can’t just not have Christmas. It’ll be really good.

Merry Christmas.

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