Gurney Plaza Coffee Watch – December 27th, 2012 – partial list

Tropical Expat has been checking where you can buy coffee at Gurney Plaza. Of course, establishments come and go, or move to different locations. There are coffee shops, of course, but also ice cream parlours, restaurants, etc. where you can also drink coffee. You could choose by price, their decor, their location, their service, or even how fast their Wi-Fi connection is. I have been working my way through them gradually, although I don’t intend to try them all – for me, going to a Chinese restaurant for coffee, for example, isn’t what I would do. However, for example, Swensens Ice cream Parlour is quite pleasant, they have Wi-Fi, I believe, and the coffee price is below average, so I intend to try it.

This year, around Chinese New Year in February, a great many establishments increased their prices, (causing some to go out of business), so at this time I am just checking for price of a black brewed coffee.  In most cases government tax of 6% and service charge of 10 % will be added when payment is made. I will see in due course if they raise prices again next year.

I won’t bother with photos as it makes the data harder to compare.

So, starting at the SEVENTH (top) FLOOR:

  • Next Stop: RM4
  • Max Gourmet: RM4.50. (They also have durian coffee, so I will try this sometime.)


  • Subway: RM3.90
  • Big Apple: RM6
  • Macaroon Coffee: RM6.90
  • Old Town White Coffee: RM3.30. In this case they have a Malay style thick coffee. And Wi-Fi.




  • Chopping Board: RM3.50


  • Kim Gary: RM3.40
  • Sakae Sushi: RM5.90
  • Xuan Xin: RM3.50 They have a nice view if you sit by the window, even if they are a Chinese restaurant.


  • Golden Crust: RM5


  • Nando’s: RM6.90
  • Swensons: RM4.90
  • Gelatomio: RM8.00

GROUND FLOOR: – incomplete – to be continued soon. I ran out of time.

  • Coffee Bean: RM7.50
  • Winter Warmers:
  • Starbucks:
  • Dome:
  • Chicago Rib House:
  • McDonalds: About RM3.40 with tax. The cheapest except for the Chicago Rib House deal.
  • Segafredo:   Their morning deal of coffee plus panini is quite good.
  • Paddington House of Pancakes:
  • Nando’s:
  • Dragon-i:

BASEMENT: – incomplete – to be continued soon.


Chicago Rib House at present has Coffee, Cappucino, Latte for RM1++ between 3PM and 6PM weekdays. Still available December 2012.


They are located in the Gurney Alfresco area between Gurney Plaza and G Hotel.

Here is the receipt RM2.30 including tax, for two coffees.

For more information, also see Gurney Plaza‘s web site. However, it is often not kept up to date.


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