Month: January 2013

Habanero Mexican Restaurant – trying the tacos

1-2013-01-30 11.41.27s


I came to try the tacos, as they have been added to the menu since I last ate here.

2-2013-01-30 11.37.22s

2013-01-30 11.38.50s

2013-01-30 11.38.56s

three tacos

I asked for everything, and once this was added you couldn’t easily make out each taco. It was easiest to eat by hand.

2013-01-30 11.43.39s

very full tacos

So you get a lot of filling, and feel satisfied once you have eaten them.  They were good. And I note they are using paper rather than aluminium foil, so it is more environmentally friendly than the burritos I had last time.

For other comments and details please see my previous review, written a few weeks ago.

Thaipusam Indian festival in Penang

This is one of the biggest festivals here, and it’s fun. The best things are that you get to smash coconuts onto the road, and that lots of businesses hand out free (Indian vegetarian) food and drinks – water or cordial. There is a lot of information on the web about this festival, so I won’t repeat it.

Here are a few photos from Saturday.

lots of people

lots of people

a nice Ganesha

a nice Ganesha

the aforementioned coconuts-in-waiting

the aforementioned coconuts-in-waiting

where the coconuts come from

where the coconuts come from

people lining up for free food

people lining up for free food

dancers in action

dancers in action

dancers in action

dancers in action

more people lining up for food

more people lining up for food



interesting hats

interesting hats

dancers not in action - with the Komtar tower in the background - Penang's tallest building

dancers not in action – with the Komtar tower in the background – Penang’s tallest building

more food

more food

I had to leave before the coconut smashing, but here are a few photos from a previous year (2010):

20100129_Thaipusam (7)s

20100129_Thaipusam (18)s

20100129_Thaipusam (31)s

20100129_Thaipusam (33)s

20100129_Thaipusam (34)s

20100129_Thaipusam (34a)s

20100129_Thaipusam (34b)s

20100129_Thaipusam (44)s

20100129_Thaipusam (46)s

20100129_Thaipusam (47)s

20100129_Thaipusam (57e)s

20100129_Thaipusam (57g)s

20100129_Thaipusam (59)s

20100129_Thaipusam (61)s

20100129_Thaipusam (68)s

20100129_Thaipusam (88)s

And later in the day, down in Waterfall area, a few kilometers away…

20100129_Thaipusam (142)s

20100129_Thaipusam (144)s

20100129_Thaipusam (148)s

20100129_Thaipusam (151)s

20100129_Thaipusam (155)s

It’s a great festival, and definitely worth catching.

Parking in Penang I

Apparently in Kazakhstan they are even more selfish than Malaysia. They have a website – I parked like an ass.

But drivers in Penang still do excel in this regard. Whether it is quintuple parking outside the convent school and causing a jam a couple of km back; parking on the footpath forcing hapless pedestrians to walk amongst cars doing 60kph; or parking motorbikes across an entrance so that you have to use an entrance further away, or clamber over the bikes, they do pretty well at considering no one else but themselves.

Here are some photos of their sins:

Nice – I really like walking amongst fast moving traffic, or stumbling in the dark over uneven pavement on the left of the car – these are you choices if you’re walking.

Had he parked further over at least half of the footpath could have been clear – but hey, who cares about pedestrians?

Actually this is in KL. Well, the bike is completely blocking the footpath, but at least you can safely step into the road, because of the illegally parked car.

OK – not a parking issue – guy in old car decided not to wait until the next traffic light to cross the intersection – but the police passing on the motorbikes (no car can get through) do nothing

The footpath was totally parked out – if you are slim you can squeeze by.

The footpath was totally parked out – if you are slim you can squeeze by.

He’s parked right across the corner on the footpath – must walk onto the road with all the cars and motorbikes to get past – preferably wearing light coloured clothes so you can be seen

Same again – I just have to wait until the car door is closed to squeeze by.

Another parking free for all – except for pedestrians.

Where do “B” number plates come from?

I appears the purpose of the footpath is actually to put pot plants and park on – if you want to get past you can step down into the drain, though, or perhaps jump.

I didn’t try very hard to get these photos, and just took them over a short period.

Ah, a car from KL double parked in front of a double parked Jag, also from KL

Ah, a car from KL double parked in front of a double parked Jag, also from KL

2013-01-25 14.09.42s

It took a six point turn in the end to turn right into this street, after reversing because it also became one lane, and a car came the other way.

Beware of Microsoft Windows Single Language version

My wife bought a new PC, and it came with Windows 8. Neither the catalogue nor the salespeople said the version was Microsoft Windows Single Language version.

Anyway, who would think such a thing in Malaysia. This is a multi-lingual country. The Malays (who use computers) speak Bahasa (the national language) and English, The Chinese speak one or more Chinese languages, Bahasa and English, and the Indians probably Tamil, and Bahasa and English.

So who would be so silly as to decide to sell an operating system that can only operate in one language in this country? Microsoft and the computer manufacturers, apparently. And it’s not only Malaysia. Complaints from various countries around the world can be found on the Internet.

We’re not Malaysian, but are multi-lingual too. So, part of setting up the PC at home is to add in the appropriate languages.

The first thing you find is that you cannot add in the IME (input method editor) for the language you want to add. Then you wonder why and check the Internet. And you hear of this Windows Single Language version. The you check your PC and find, indeed, that this is the operating system installed.

So, what can you do? You simply upgrade from this version to ordinary Windows 8, where you can add an IME? No. You can upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, but not Windows 8. You have to buy the full version on a DVD. If you do a fresh install you will lose all the drivers for the laptop, and have to spend a lot of time trying to get the various functions and features working – if you ever can.

Another Internet search found Google Japanese Input; Google Chinese Input etc. Install the one(s) you want and you can bypass Microsoft’s stupidity.

Google 1; Microsoft 0; Manufacturer 0

If you just want to type in accents for European languages, then you can use: There you can find virtual keyboards for various languages.

Gespräche mit J. auf Deutsch 6: 25. Januar

2012-12-31 14.52.51s

Jede Woche treffe ich mit meinem Freund J, mit wem ich Deutsch lerne. Unser Zweck ist Deutsch zu üben und wir besprechen immer verschiedene Themen. Diese Blog handelt von unserer Gespräche. Bevor jedes Gespräch bereiten wir uns nicht vor, und wenn wir ein Wort nicht kennen, benutzen wir ein Wörterbuch.


Heute sprachen wir über technologischen Themen. Ich sagte, dass ich kann an einem Ethernet-Kabel eine Ethernet-Stecker nicht verbinden, obwohl ich einen Ethernet-Buchse verbinden kann. Ich habe alle die Zeuge, und habe alle den Ethernet-Kabel in meinem Haus gelegen, und eine Verbindungstaffel verbunden. Wir waren am Montag in First Avenue um meinen Ethernet-Kabel zu reparieren lassen.

Dann sprachen wir über Fernseher. J. wohnt in einer Eigentumwohnung, und hat einen Vertrag mit Time für Fernseher-Sendungen, Telefon und Internetanschluss. Time hat alle J.s Gebäude gemacht. Er hat zwei Fernseher im Haus; einen alten Fernseher aus Großbritannien, und einen neuen Fernseher, den er hier gekauft hat. Gleichzeitig kann man SD und HD nicht sehen. Es ist ärgerlich. Jede Wohnung hat ihre eigene Satellitenschüssel.

Ich will ein neuer Fernseher kaufen, weil mein aktueller Fernseher ist jetzt alt, und der Tonstreifen ist nicht so gut. Ich habe versucht, verschiedener Lautsprechern zum Fernseher zu verbinden, aber der Tonstreifen hat nicht besser geworden. Ich will auch einen Fernseher, der am Internet verbinden kann, und mehrere neue Funktionen hat.

J. hat mir gesagt, dass man braucht einen schnellen Internetanschluss um seinen Fernseher zum Internet zu verbinden, und mir hat über meiner Geschwindigkeit gefragt. Ich benutze noch Telekom Malaysia, das ist ungefähr 4 mbps. Noch nicht kann ich TMs Unify kriegen, das viel schneller ist. Letztes Jahr hat TM in meiner Straße Faseroptischkabel gelegen, und Maxis jetzt benutzt ihn, um einen 10mbps Internetanschluss anzubieten. Jedoch, TM bietet noch nicht in meiner Straße Unify an. Erstens, bietet TM Unify für Gesellschaften und in Eigentumwohnungen an, und später in Häuser. Deshalb kann ich es nicht bekommen. Und ich habe noch für sechs Monate einen Vortrag mit TM, and kann nicht zu Maxis ändern. Wenn TMs Unify kommt, wird es Konkurrenz geben, und vielleicht wird es Angebote geben.

Im Haus habe ich ein Media Server, das ich zu Fernseher verbinde, und es hat auch verschiedene Internetfunktionen. Manchmal muss ich auf den neuesten Stand bringen, und gelegentlich kommt interessante neue Funktionen.

J. baut ein neues Blog auf, das geht deutsche Grammatik an. Er hat noch nicht die erste Seite geschrieben weil er denkt noch über dem Thema. Die Bücher über
Grammatik sind ein bisschen verwirrend.


Neue Wörter für mich:
der Ethernet-Kabel = Ethernet cable
die Ethernet-Stecker = Ethernet plug
verbinden = to connect
der Ethernet-Buchse = Ethernet jack
das Zeug = tool
die Verbindungstaffel = patch panel
die Eigentumwohnung = condo
der Vertrag = contract
gleichzeitig = at the same time
ärgerlich = annoying
die Satellitenschüssel = satellite dish
aktuell = present
der Tonstreifen = sound
der Lautsprecher (n) = speaker
die Funktion = function
die Geschwindigkeit = speed
der Faseroptischkabel = fibre optical cable
die Konkurrenz = competition
das Angebot = offer
auf den neuesten Stand bringen = to update
gelegentlich = occasionally
aufbauen = to set up
verwirrend = confusing

——————- ist nützlich. ist auch nützlich.