200th blog on Penang, Malaysia and travel

This is my 200th blog – according to WordPress statistics.  Also according to WordPress statistics, these are the most popular blogs:

  1. From Penang to Singapore by train                  (written February 2012)
  2. Penang Free WiFi                                                  (June 2012)
  3. Why retire to Malaysia?                                       (February 2012)
  4. Driving from Penang to Kuala Lumpur (KL)  (February 2012)
  5. Meeting people as an expat in Penang              (April 2012)

I started late January 2012, and it seems from above February was the golden month – but on the other hand, these blogs have been available to view for longer than more recent ones.

I have written other blogs about trains in Malaysia, about driving in Malaysia, and about retirement, but they haven’t reached the same level popularity.

Also, if I happen to blog about a restaurant then I get a lot of readers – but so many people blog about restaurants in Penang I usually don’t feel the need to cover the topic.

The blog’s main theme is kind of a niche topic, but readership has increased every month since the beginning, except for a slight dip in August and September.

People visited the blog from 121 countries. Most visitors came from Malaysia. The United States & Australia were not far behind. As the main topic is Malaysia, it’s not surprising people in Malaysia are most numerous.

All this courtesy of WordPress’ annual report.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to WordPress for supplying the means.


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