An actual day … retirement in Penang

I did a blog of a typical day –  This explains how I might spend my time usually. The blog this time is a record of some actual days. As there seem to be 365 of them a year, and I have to choose only a few,  I made a note of a few days’ activities, and then picked the most varied of them.

A day in early January, 2013

7.30 up meditate, washing

8.00 at club – swim, sauna, OJ

9.15 home, washing out, eat. Very nice sunny weather

10.15 Gurney Plaza for German

11.45 to haircut

12.45 home – washing in, water plants, write blog, German study,

17:00 Went to QB Mall. Traffic a bit bad and took 30 minutes to get there.  By 19:00 sky was dark and it looked like a storm coming.  Dinner at Habanero.

21.30 A storm had come, and the rain while driving home was quite heavy, while still being safe enough to drive.  Most motorbikes won’t be on the road in this weather, but there were a few nonetheless.

22.00 Read a bit at home

A day in early February, 2013

5.45 Woke up and couldn’t sleep, so studied German.

7.00 Meditated.

7.15 Went for a walk along Gurney Drive to watch the sunrise.

8.00 Had a nap to catch up on sleep.

9.30 Showered, and then…

10.00 Went to Tesco for shopping.  Stayed in coffee shop, read newspaper, surfed Internet etc.

13.00 Dropped in to Cold Storage to buy what is not available in Tesco.  Went also to Mr. DIY.

15.00 Back home, put away shopping.

15.45 Watered garden, as I hadn’t had time in the morning – listened to podcast while doing so.

16.00 A bit of computer / Internet “work”. Wrote a quick blog.

16.30 Then transplanted papaya seedlings to larger pots – again, listened to podcast while doing so. Perhaps too hot and sunny, and should have waited, but impatient to do. This is to do with this project of mine –

17.15 Very black clouds, and then a thunderstorm. Thus seedlings will have less stress as it is cooler. So quite good.

17.30 Showered, phoned a friend abroad and talked for a while.  Then read a bit. Seedlings are happy now, indeed.

18.15 A little housework

19.00 Ate something and watched a film

21.00 Made travel bookings over the Internet

23.30 Bed


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