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On the 205th anniversary of the birthday of Lysander Spooner – whether the constitution, being a contract, applies to anyone but the signatories. About anarchism. etc.

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Max broadcasts from Australia, but the same applies in all Western countries.

The local council is a corporation.
The state of N.S.W is a corporation.
The Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation.
The corporation is masquerading as government & extorts the wealth of the people to private hands.
Mc Donalds is a corporation – do you owe allegance to Mc Donalds? If they had a set of rules you didn’t agree with,would you go intotbeir stores? No.
But the government corporation uses the police to terrorise you into obeying their corporation rules – non-existing contracts – which they call law
In Australia they have enough on the councils now that they can dictate terms, or prosecute if necessary.
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Lead by example to change the world. Do what is right in all that you do.  MP3 link:



The local council is a private corporation.
The state of N.S.W is a private corporation.
The Commonwealth of Australia is a private corporation.


The Federal government is a corporation, and the states are subsidiaries


The Commonwealth government is registered as a corporation with the SEC in the US

To check on this yourself:

This is what I found:

The corporation is masquerading as government & extorts the wealth of the people to private hands. The enforcers are breaking the law by enforcing non-existent contracts upon you.  They get away with it because no one asks them to identify themselves, and people assume that the suit or uniform means that they are who they say they are. Police officers are  representatives of a private company and policy enforcers for it.

Ask the police officer who he is represting, and if he says the govt tell him it’s a corporation, and you are not contracted to that corporation, and if he is attempting to force corporate policy upon you can he please show proof of claim that you are affiliated in any way with that corporation.

Next time you get a fine ask the body to clarify who they are. To produce the documents to show they are affiliated with the government. If you are being coerced into paying taxes to a private company then you may be guilty of sedition and treason. You may be in danger of breaking the law, so ask for affidavits that clearly show their affiliation with the government of the Commonwealth. And there is a two year gaol term for anyone found guilty of impersonating a representative of the government.

It’s like if your local Mc Donalds made a demand that you had to attend their store to vote on a menu change. If you don’t show up to vote they are going to issue you with a fine. Would you pay that fine? No, you wouldn’t. So when a corporation posing as government issues you a fine for breaking one of their rules, why would you pay? Because there are terrorists in blue uniforms who act as policy enforcers.

Beneath God is man, and beneath man is fiction.

Statute law is legal fiction made up by corporations and it does not apply to you unless you contract with them. And you have to be careful they don’t trick you into contracting with them.

Look up your local council and see if their website shows a business number. Check the SEC to see if you can find your country and state registered.

It’s impossible for you to have a valid contract with government because there was never full disclosure.  For a contract to be valid it needs: full disclosure, an agreement of the parties, certainty of terms, and valuable consideration. And their contracting based on a birth certificate issued when you were born can’t be valid as you didn’t have any say in it.

Did the government ever tell you it was a corporation. No. So there was never full disclosure, so any contracts with them aren’t valid.

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and Max also recommends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tScuHwVtRcY = Ungrip



7% of Americans are now aware – only 3% took part in the American Revolution – but mostly the people aware are using their efforts to awake others.

MP3 link: http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/uploads/1/3/1/2/1312301/_hour_1_22_jan_dan_johnson_panda_vinny_eastwood_show_2013.mp3

Melbourne is the mass shooting capital of the world.  It’s happened four times.


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