GP Motor Show 2013 at Gurney Plaza, 7 – 10 March, 2013

Please read update, as the F1 cars have now arrived.


Is the GP in the title “Grande Prix” or Gurney Plaza? I don’t know.

Since I go to GP all the time, Gurney Plaza, that is, it’s easy enough for me to have a peek at this.

And on the 10th March if you spend above RM400 in a single receipt on your HSBC credit card you can redeem a pair of F1 tickets for the Malaysian F1, which is to be held 22-24 March at the Sepang Circuit, in KL. But only if you are among the first 30 shoppers. So, you could miss out if you don’t have a cunning plan to be among those first 30.

Unfortunately I am busy and can’t attend the F1, so I won’t be trying this. It looks like the cheapest tickets for the F1 are RM63 each, for uncovered hill stands.

For a little further info, see their web site.


20130307 (2)s

In reality, they are just showing many brands of new cars.  There are, among others, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Harley Davidson motorbikes, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, MyVi, Nissan, Peugeot, Range Rover, Subaru, Volvo, VW…

20130307 (21)s

20130307 (6)s

20130307 (18)s

So, if you want to look at a range of cars, it’s OK. If you want something about F1, well, there isn’t anything. On the brochure they write that there is an exclusive display of 10 F1 racing cars.  I didn’t see them. Did I miss them?  Well, I am there again tomorrow, so I will see if they are hiding them somewhere. But here is the programme, which for some reason wasn’t online when I looked, or in the brochure they left in my letterbox. So, the GP in their title must stand for Gurney Plaza, afterall.

20130307 (3)s


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