Fish and Chips in Malaysia

It’s nice to have fish and chips occasionally, but where in Malaysia can one get something nice? I thought I’d gradually try the offerings available when I find them. So, this blog is not yet too informative, but I’ll update it over time as I try different places.

I rarely find chips that I like. Unless they are made directly from potatoes I don’t want to eat them.  Frozen or reconsituted and shaped into chips – no thanks. If possible I swap them for salad or something else.

Scarborough Fish ‘n Chips

So far, my favourite is Scarborough Fish ‘n Chips, on the north coast of Langkawi, at Tanjung Rhu.  You have a choice of fish, all of which are nice, tartare sauce (ask for more if you need it), and nice chips. The atmosphere on the beach, the duty free beer and wine, also help make it nice there.  Just show up, no reservation necessary.

English style fish and chips

English style fish and chips – Scarborough Fish ‘n Chips, Langkawi

Kopitam Classic White Coffee

The other day in Gurney Plaza, I noticed that a chain coffee shop, Kopitam Classic White Coffee had fish and chips.  You had a choice of sauces – black pepper sauce, BBQ sauce or their own sauce.

Kopitan Classic fish and chips.

Kopitan Classic fish and chips, Gurney Plaza

The fish was Dory, and was nice.  Their sauce was a kind of sweet curry sauce, and was quite nice. The chips weren’t nice, and I left them, and the vegetables seemed sourced from a can or the frozen cabinet. The red sauce was a normal commercial chilli sauce.  The price, before tax and service charge was RM10.50 for the dish, so not too bad, and the service friendly.

170-B1-37 & 38 Plaza Gurney,

Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Pulau Pinang


Blue Reef Fish & Chips, Straits Quay

2013-03-15 12.44.03s

Somehow I seem to have a fish and chips craving this week. We’d heard that Blue Reef in Straits Quays served good meals at a reasonable price, so today we went for lunch. The menu is the same whatever time of day, except they have happy hour offerings.

inside looking toward the marina

inside looking toward the marina

the view you can see, more or less - that the camera can't capture

the view you can see, more or less – that the camera can’t capture

One really good thing is that they have an Australian kind of BYO (Bring Your Own) policy on wine, and no corkage charge. This doesn’t apply to beer, spirits, or champagne (a kind of wine, of course). And they kindly offered an ice bucket for our white wine, to keep it cool, before I asked.

2013-03-15 12.54.57s

ice bucket

There are six menu pages, but I only photographed three, shown below.

2013-03-15 12.46.46s

2013-03-15 12.47.32s

2013-03-15 12.46.39s

We availed ourselves of the weekday lunch promotion, which includes soup of the day, garlic toast and a diabetes inducing iced peach tea.
soup and iced peach tea

soup and iced peach tea

The soup was a fish soup, and of sufficient volume. The garlic toast was sliced bread, toasted with a hint of garlic, so one bite was sufficient. And the iced peach tea was so sweet my teeth threatened to dissolve if I had more than one sip. But, the soup was nice, so the lunch special was worth it, for RM1.
Soon after the main course was delivered. I had ordered the seasonal fish in beer batter, with hollandaise sauce.
seasonal fish in beer batter, with hollandaise sauce

seasonal fish in beer batter, with hollandaise sauce

This was very good, although the batter was a little too thick in places.
Mrs Tropical Expat ordered Prawn, Calamari & Chips – which to tell the truth she didn’t enjoy as it didn’t have much flavour.
2013-03-15 13.08.54s
The serving volume was good for all dishes.
The staff were friendly and helpful, and it was a pleasant spot to be. While we were there it was quite popular, and people were coming and dining and going. And being able to have a couple of glasses of white wine with the meal without the usual expensive prices for it was great.
Disappointments? Mrs Tropical Expat’s main course.
SERVICE: Friendly, helpful and fast
DECOR: Pleasant – with a view of the marina from many tables
FOOD: Tasty (for mine, anyway) and good volume
PRICE: Reasonable
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: The usual – proper glasses, crockery and cutlery

Blue Reef Fish & Chips Restaurant

Location: Straits Quay – 3A-G-20, Block A, ground floor; 3A-G-20 Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470 Penang,

Phone: 016 4059182


Opening hours: 11:00AM – 10:00PM every day except Mondays.

Wi-Fi: forgot to ask


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