A Penang solution to errant biscuit purchasers


I haven’t noticed a police presence for a few weeks.  But so far I haven’t seen people blocking the road with their cars, or been caught in a jam there.


On Burma Road there is a shop selling traditional Chinese biscuits which is very popular, and the customers park their cars inconsiderately, thus blocking traffic so badly there is sometimes a traffic jam back to George Town.

2013-04-07 09.31.49

the shop when closed

Of course, it is far more important to the customers not to have to walk far from their cars than the massive traffic jams they cause, and the waste of 15 minutes to half an hour of each driver’s time to get through the jam. Not to mention the problems they cause the local churches and residents.

But others did not think so. Initially the police made this section of the road a tow-away zone.

2013-04-04 14.24.44

And then they set up a semi-permanent police presence on location, where three policemen/women sit under an umbrella to deter errant parkers. It seems to work.

2013-04-04 14.24.49

I have heard that a car park will be built nearby for the shop’s customers – but this will mean they will still have to walk a little, so we’ll see how effective this is.

Oh, here are the cause of all the problems:




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