Today in Penang – Hanuman Jayanti / Chithirai Pournami Indian Festival

Today on the road to the Botanical Gardens for a spot of jungle walking I stumbled across an Indian Festival.  It’s still on, so go and visit if you are interested.  I asked a lady who explained a little about it, but here is a link I found on the web:

Rather belatedly, after most of the events were over, I received more information from the Penang Tourist Office. You can read more here:

2013-04-25 10.48.00s 2013-04-25 10.48.11s 2013-04-25 10.48.22s 2013-04-25 10.48.36s 2013-04-25 10.49.22s 2013-04-25 10.56.20s 2013-04-25 10.57.05s 2013-04-25 10.57.15s

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