Old Town White Coffee at Queensbay Mall is now self service – May 2013


One used to order at the table, but now Old White Town Coffee would have you order and pay at the counter first, and then take a seat.  I was told this system only applies at Queensbay Mall, but I am not sure if the waiter really understood my question, and this may not be correct. My favourite time at OTWC is before 11AM, when their breakfast menu applies.  But they have raised their prices.  I always order the black coffee, kaya toast and two egg set menu.  I think it was RM5.50 before – well now it is RM6.90 (plus pernicious government tax), a pretty big price increase, and not the value it used to be.


Yes, this is my favourite set breakfast at OTWC – but I had consumed already most of the kaya toast, and some of the coffee before taking the photo. I was hungry.



  1. hallo!

    i was searching about the Delifrance @ Queensbay Mall and stumbled upon here 😀

    it’s good to see what Penang is like on other people’s view 🙂 i’m not a Penangite, but i’m currently based here, doing postgraduate at USM.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your message. It’s a pity I missed the Delifrance opening day by just one day, but the staff I talked to very pretty friendly. penang is a good place to live, and USM seems like a pleasant campus.

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