Burger King Crazy Cowboy offer

From today for three days Burger King has a “Crazy Cowboy Offer”. It is served from 12 noon.

Burger King

Burger King

Now, I eat fast food less than once a year.  The last time was in Singapore early last year, where it was late, and only McDonald’s was open.  I wasn’t impressed.  I had thought that I should try Burger King as perhaps it could be better. Well, now was my chance, with their RM1.88 offer!

2-2013-05-20 14.27.33s

I sidled up to the counter and asked for the Crazy Cowboy Offer.


“The RM1.88 burger, please.”

It's pretty small

It’s pretty small

tiny, in fact

tiny, in fact

Now, I thought the idea of a promotion was to get new customers in, and so impress them that they come back, and even become regulars.  Well, look at the contents…

it tasted like it looks

it tasted like it looks

I couldn’t finish it. I really don’t know what the point of this is. Mrs. Tropical Expat more or less implied, “I told you so.” And, by the time they add tax, it is RM1.99 – so they take the liberty of collecting RM2. This has put me off fast food burgers for years. I’ll see how I feel in 2015.



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