Oil pulling

Oil pulling is where you swish oil around in your mouth for 15 – 20 minutes to detox. A search on the web will find plenty of information. Here is one. Here is another more traditional protocol, according to Natural News.

Generally I do oil pulling once a day, in the morning before drinking three big glasses of water with lemon squeezed in.  I use about 1 oz of either coconut oil or olive oil, depending on which one I grab. I do it for 20 minutes and then spit out. I have been doing it regularly for about six months.

Effects for me: 1. I had a growth on my gum. I hate going to the dentist, and don’t trust them anyway. This growth shrunk a bit when I fasted, but regrew post-fast. Oil pulling eliminated it in a few weeks. It just kept on shrinking until it disappeared.

2. Unfortunately I have had two root canals. Probably because of these I get pain in those areas. Oil pulling eliminates that pain – presumably because it removes the infection.

3. For the first few months of oil pulling I had a lot of phlegm and some coughing – toxins being removed I suppose – despite any fasts, which I do to detox. Now I only get a little.

4. Yesterday and today I had some gum pain again. So today I did oil pulling three times. Pain gone now. Usually once a day is enough. I think too much of the wrong sort of chocolate recently has caused this.

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