Feedback to MPPP – Penang Island Municipal Council – on their budget

I found the following information in the Buletin Mutiara:

Until the 10th July you can give feedback to MPPP on how they will spend their budget. You can do this online, by finding the page here: or directly to the survey here.

Alternatively you can email or call 04-2592120.

They say all input will be private and confidential.

This is the first time I recall any government actually asking me how they should spend my money. I am impressed.

They are asking with regards to these topics:

  • Municipal Council of Penang Island Project
  • Parking Facilities
  • Public Facilities
  • Persons with Disabilities Facilities
  • Public Facilities By Gender
  • Other Areas (other than above)

I wrote the following:

  • -Bicycle paths separated from motorised traffic
  • -Footpaths in good repair – especially along Northam Road to the E & O
  • -Pedestrian crossing markings on roads – and proper education so drivers understand they should stop for pedestrians.
  • -Make it possible to swim in the sea again – reduce pollution and introduce turtles to eat jellyfish
  • -Proper road and lane markings / Green Lane is international standard, Northam Road is good. Jalan Tanjong Bungah is a disgrace.
  • -Advance notice on roads with road works so drivers can take alternative routes rather than be stuck in jams.

I will probably think of more later.


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