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Sabah Soujourn 2013 – Part 6 – Sandakan

Sandakan seems like it is in the middle of nowhere. It is quiet, clean, quite small and friendly.  From KK it is a short flight, but apparently not an easy drive.  When you arrive the airport is tiny, with only a couple of luggage carousels.  Then it is about 30 minutes drive to the town. The taxi voucher is RM30 to the town. And by the way, a taxi will charge RM30 for the trip back to the airport from town.

The following photos are intended to give an idea of the inner city of Sandakan.

20130708 (1)s

It’s only about a 40 minute flight – but not an easy drive – to Sandakan. It feels like we are going to the middle of nowhere.

20130708 (11)s

flying out of KK

20130708 (13)s

enroute from KK to Sandakan

20130708 (14)

a small airport

20130708 (17)s

A big sign you see on the way into town from the airport

20130708 (17a)s

many houses on stilts on the water that you can see on the way to Sandakan

20130708 (18)s

the mosque

20130708 (19)s

the Sheraton on the left, where we stayed

20130708 (20)s

street in Sandakan

20130710 (77)s

street in Sandakan

20130710 (75)s

street in Sandakan

20130708 (21)s

street in Sandakan

20130709 (277)s

very very old looking local buses

20130709 (278)s

a local market

20130709 (279)s

a local market

20130709 (280)s

a local market – big pail of milo

20130709 (281)s

a local market

20130709 (282)s

a local market

20130709 (283)s

a local market

20130709 (284)s

a local market

20130709 (285)s

a local market

20130709 (286)s

a local market

20130709 (287)s

the Malaysian navy

20130709 (289)s

the hotel from the waterfront

20130709 (291)s

waterfront restaurants

20130709 (292)s

waterfront restaurants

20130709 (293)s

waterfront restaurants

20130709 (294)s

near the waterfront

20130709 (296)s


20130709 (297)s


20130710 (2)s


20130710 (4)s


20130710 (73)s

Sandakan streets

20130710 (76)s

Sandakan streets

20130710 (79)s

Sandakan streets

20130710 (80)s


Sabah Soujourn 2013 – Part 5 – Kota Kinabalu (KK) – hotels and waterfront

In KK we stayed in two different hotels. The first was Gaya Central.

20130707 (20)s

This is near the waterfront, and not too far from Jesselton Terminal. RM157 for a night. The room has a shower, but no bath, and a safe. The staff were friendly, if not all that knowledgeable. Breakfast was OK. Here are a few photos.

20130707 (21)s

20130707 (24)s

20130707 (25)s

the view from the window

20130707 (26)s

the view from the window

Below is Signal Hill lookout, where a went for a walk as depicted in a previous blog in this series on Sabah.

20130707 (26a)s

Signal Hill lookout – you can just see this in the previous photo, on the left.

Following are some photos of the waterfront, starting at the east and moving west.

20130707 (26c)s

20130707 (26d)s

20130707 (27)s

20130707 (28)s

20130707 (30)s

20130707 (31)s

20130707 (32)s

20130707 (33)s

20130707 (34)s

20130707 (35)s

20130707 (36)s

20130707 (39)s

20130707 (40)s

And then a little further along is the tousit waterfront area, as depicted in another blog in this series. Opposite this is the second hotel we stayed at in KK.

20130710 (123)s

This is the Klagan hotel. Again, it is near the waterfront.We were given an upgrade – delux with bath & separate shower. The price was RM225 per night. The staff were helpful and friendly, there was a safe, iron, ironing board, hairdryer, and amenities in the room. And breakfast was good.

20130710 (127)s

20130710 (128)s

20130710 (131)s

20130710 (135)s

20130710 (135a)s

20130710 (136)s

20130712 (1)s

stairs from the 10th floor to the breakfast room

The following is breakfast…

20130712 (2)s

20130712 (4)s

20130712 (5)s

20130712 (6)s

20130712 (7)s

20130712 (8)s

20130712 (9)s

20130712 (10)s

20130712 (11)s

20130712 (13)s

20130712 (14)s

Gespräche mit J.C. auf Deutsch 25: 26. Juli

2012-12-31 14.52.51s

Jede Woche treffe ich mit meinem Freund JC, mit wem ich Deutsch lerne. Unser Zweck ist Deutsch zu üben und wir besprechen immer verschiedene Themen. Diese Blog handelt von unserer Gespräche. Bevor jedes Gespräch bereiten wir jetzt ein bisschen.  Wir gebrauchen ein Buch, dass kategorisiert Worten nach Thema, aber wenn wir ein Wort nicht kennen, benutzen wir auch ein Wörterbuch.


Heute ist es fast unmöglich, ein blog über unser Gespräch zu schreiben. Wir hatten nicht einen klaren Gedankengang, oder ein Thema, das wir tief überlegte.

JC sagte, dass der Ursprung der Wörter „denken“ und „danken“ ist derselbe in germanische Sprachen. Ein Teil unsere Kultur.

Am Ende sprachen wir sehr kurzlich über deutsche Philosophen, wie Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietsche, und auch über Descartes. Wir würden gern über seine Einfälle sprechen, aber es würde noch zu schwierig sein.

Descartes sagte, ich denke, deswegen ich bin. Wir haben Bewusstsein. Haben Tiere auch Bewusstsein? Ja. Es ist nicht umstritten. Hunde können miteinander mitteilen, weil sie bellen. Jedoch, wie beurteilen wir, ob Hunde eine Sprache haben? Pflanze können auch miteinander mitteilen, aber wenn wir uns überlegen, sagen wir nicht, dass sie eine Sprache haben.


Neue Wörter für mich:
der Gedankengang = train of thought
der Ursprung = origin
die Kultur = culture
Am Ende = in the end
der Einfall = idea
das Bewusstsein = consciousness
umstritten = controversial
bellen = to bark
beurteilen = to judge
überlegen = to consider

——————- ist nützlich. ist auch nützlich.

Gurney Paragon, Penang

On Tuesday 23rd Gurney Paragon had a “soft” Opening, as they called it.  I have been detoxing all week, so was a home and missed it. But today it was packed. Well, it is a public holiday.

Now it spans Kelawei Road and Gurney Drive.

Kelawei Road entrance

Kelawei Road entrance

Kelawei Road entrance

Kelawei Road entrance

A lot of shops have yet to open, but finally there is more than just food, coffee and drinks available in Paragon.  It’s actually I lot better than I  expected.



Maseratis on display

Maseratis on display


Otherwise, I don’t think there is much useful I can say at this point.

In Sam's Groceria

In Sam’s Groceria



From 12:01 Saturday 27th July new road layout in Pulau Tikus, Penang – UPDATE

UPDATE – see below

A new one-way traffic system for Burmah Road, Kelawai Road and Gurney Drive loop will commence at 12.01am, Saturday 27 July 2013 on a 3 month trial.

one-way system

one-way system

For more detail see here or if you read Malay, here.

If you want to comment, you can email: Zainuddin bin Mohamad Sharif []. I sent a comment, and received a prompt reply.

Yesterday people visited every house in our street handing out information about this change.

I hope it works.


25th July UPDATE

The changes are progressing. On Gurney Drive:

  • Opposite Gurney Plaza, the on street angle-parking has been changed to parallel parking to give more road space – presumably allowing two lane lines to be marked.
more driving road space

more driving road space opposite Gurney Plaza

  • A new bump in the road opposite the Malay hawker Centre
a new bump

a new bump

  • New pedestrian traffic lights more or less opposite Seven Eleven – necessary, as Malaysians won’t stop for pedestrians on pedestrian crossings, whereas they mostly stop for red lights, with the exception of many motorbikes, of course.
2013-07-25 12.07.27

new pedestrian traffic lights being installed

  • Otherwise, some signs have been replaced but masked, ready for Saturday.


JULY 27th UPDATE – Post implementation

  • At 12.20AM this morning it wasn’t really implemented. There were some barricades up to block cars chosing the wrong direction, and MPPP men with light wands trying to get cars to turn in the right direction, but mostly cars were going both directions on the newly appointed one way streets.
  • Around 12.20PM cars did seem to be following the new layout.  I drove around a little, and found there was quite a volume of cars, but mostly the traffic was flowing OK. But quite a lot of cars seemed to be displaced onto other roads, too. I think I got to my destination a little faster and more smoothly.
  • Anyway, so far, so good, as far as I can see.

Sabah Soujourn 2013 – Part 4 – Kota Kinabalu (KK) – Little Italy restaurant

And as for eating in KK?

Every morning we had a big breakfast at the hotel.

After that we were busy with excursions, and only had two nights free to eat in KK. For one we were very hungry and ate in a nearby hawker centre before we starved.

For the other we wandered around. On the waterfront there are plenty of tourist establishments, with quite high prices.

20130707 (45)s

20130707 (44)s

20130707 (46)s

20130707 (47)s

A couple of blocks in the food is much cheaper.

Little Italy was recommended by a friend, and was full of patrons, with quite a queue outside.  As most waiting groups were larger, we two actually got a table after only a couple of minutes wait.

20130707 (58)s

The service was not particularly good – I gave up and went and fetched menus, for example, but they were rushed off their feet.

20130707 (60)s

20130707 (61)s

20130707 (62)s

The food was good though, and the house wine reasonably priced.

20130707 (64)s


20130707 (65)s


We had hoped to visit again before leaving KK, but we ran out of time.

20130707 (63)s